30 personalization examples

30 personalization examples

Personalize and order your unique product

Fast-growing e-commerce sector not only incrased amount of transactions, offered goods or number of clients. It is constantly changing enviroment where companies need to adapt quickly to fight for customer. Thanks to this some offer personalized products which allow them to attract a customer. Below we gathered 30 personalization examples from e-commerce world.

1. Care Of – suplements


Users solve a quiz and answer the questions on their health conditions. The user fills in the quiz and answers questions about health, lifestyle, approach to supplements and medicine, hair condition, quality of sleep, level of concentration, digestion (depending on which priority he chooses at the beginning).

Finally, the user receives personalized supplement recommendations along with the content of individual ingredients. You can also decide which of the suggested ingredients you want to order, increase or cancel.

Care Of – suplements
Function Of Beauty – hair care

2. Function Of Beauty – hair care


The company offers a selection of mattresses according to weight, height and customer needs. In the quiz, the user provides his/her preferences for the size and softness of the mattress. He/She indicates which sleeping position is prefered and whether he/she is suffering from backpain. Finally, receives a suggestion which mattress is the best. He/she can choose a basic or premium version and edit the parameters.

The advantage of Helix mattresses is the possibility to adjust the parameters to the different needs of 2 people sleeping in one bed.

3. Helix – matresses


The company offers a selection of mattresses according to weight, height and customer needs. In the quiz, the user gives the preferences for the size and softness of the mattress. He indicates in which position he/she sleeps and whether he/she is suffering from backpain. Finally, he/she receives a suggestion as to which mattress is best. He can choose a basic or premium version and edit the parameters.

The advantage of Helix mattresses is the possibility to adjust the parameters to the different needs of 2 people sleeping in one bed.

Helix – matresses
Boston Tec – desks and work

4. Boston Tec – desks and work tables


The user can independently adjust the parameters of the desk- its height, depth, width, as well as appearance and functionality (top, frame).The user can choose from a variety of accessories, e.g. computer space, power supply or keyboard, lighting, shelves, etc. In addition, the desk model is presented in 3D, and the user can freely rotate and move individual elements, choosing their place. 

In addition to a guide of possible adaptations, Boston Tec adds a "Popular Accessories" section, showing the user, which solutions other customers have chosen. This allows the user to see options that he or she might not have reached himself.

5. Nemeio – fully customisable keyboard 


Nemeio is a keyboard that gives the user the possibility to freely configure the keys and adjust them to individual needs. It is also possible to switch from the QWERTY keyboard to AZERTA or BÈPO as well as to create many shortcuts to frequently visited sites or used programs. 

Dedicated Nemeio application enables easy and trouble-free key configuration. 

More about the keyboard:


French company LDLC was honoured with an innovation award when it presented the product at the CES (Consumer Technology Association) in 2019.

Nemeio – fully customisable keyboard
Toyota – „Build Your Toyota” online

6. Toyota – „Build Your Toyota” online


Toyota gives buyers the opportunity to choose different car functions at home - in peace, without rush or stress. The brand allows customers to familiarise themselves with the available products before contacting their sales representative/adviser. 

7. Xenith – helmets 


The Xenith brand gives the opportunity to adjust the helmet to the own needs and taste. The customer can choose not only the size or functions, but also the colours of the individual elements. Thanks to the 3D presentation, the user is able to see the helmet from all sides, as well as "unfold it" into the first parts.

Xenith – helmets 
eCreamery – bespoke ice cream 

8. eCreamery – bespoke ice cream 


The eCreamery brand offers the possibility to compose the favorite ice cream on Your own. The user can choose from many combinations of flavours, ingredients and structures. They can choose their own base, flavors, additional ingredients, and give the name of the created composition.

eCreamy sends the ice cream directly to the customer or to the person the customer wants to make a gift/surprise and closes the ice cream in personalized packaging, tailored to the chosen occasion.

9. Tails.com – a feed tailored to the needs of the dog 


TheTails.com brand creates dog food tailored to the individual needs and preferences of pets. Before you receive a suggestion of a suitable food, you answer a number of questions about your dog, which include - but are not limited to - hisbreed, size, activity, possible health problems, food intolerance and whether he is castrated.

At the end, the client is offered the perfect food for hisdog. He can edit the ingredients or decide on a Tails.com suggestion. He can also place a one-time order or opt for a subscription and monthly deliveries. 

Tails.com – a feed tailored to the needs of the dog
Crate&Barrel –  customisable sofas 

10. Crate&Barrel customisable sofas 


Furniture manufacturer Crate&Barrel gives customers the possibility to adjust the colour and type of upholstery to individual needs. In addition, the customer receives clear information about the delivery time and how the choice of materials can extend the time of the order fullfilment. The user also hasthe possibility to choose the features of the material, such as: family friendly, extremely durable, stain resistant, easy to care, etc. 

11. eShakti– online clothes designing


eShakti is an online women's clothing store that allows you to customize your dress, blouse, trousers or skirt. eShakti gives you the possibility to modify the cut of clothes, changing their lengths, sleeves, necklines or collars. The clients also have the possibility to adjust the clothes to their dimensions. 

After selecting a given option, the client can immediately see the preview of the selected model after modifications. In addition, the shop allows you to save the projects created by the user. 

eShakti– online clothes designing
Baume Watches – watch design

12. Baume Watches – watch design


The Baume brand creates exclusive watches and gives customers the opportunity to create their own design, based on available elements. Users can design their own watch and choose their own dial, colour, strap and other details.

13. Dresden Vision – sunglasses design


The Dresden Vision brand offers customers a wide range of frames, but also gives them the opportunity to design their own spectacles. The customer can choose the shape, size and colour of the frames, as well as complete the information about the glasses themselves.  

Dresden Vision – sunglasses design
Levi’s Taylor Shop

14. Levi’s Taylor Shop


The Levis brand offers its customers the possibility to personalize 3 product groups online: 

  • T-shirts, blouses and bags,
  • pants,
  • jackets.

At the same time, there are even more opportunities to customise clothing in stationary stores.

On the website the user can choose from several proposals of each product.

15. James Allen – jewellery design


An online shop with engagement rings or wedding rings allows customers to design their own jewellery to meet their expectations. In the online wizard you choose the shape and size of the stone, the type of gold or the general style of the ring. At the end, you can immediately decide to buy or to save your design.

James Allen – jewellery design
Guerlain – perfume bottles 

16. Guerlain– perfume bottles 


Guerlain is a drug store that gives customers the opportunity to design a bottle of perfume and create their own lipstick. 

The user chooses the fragrance from the 110 available in the drugstore, then he or she can choose the colour of the ribbon and the type of binding, the size and colour/decoration of the package, the label and personalised text. 

17. New Era – caps personalisation 


New Era is one of the best known and most popular hat brands. Customers can buy a ready-made model or design their own version. The user can choose the model of the cap and match its colours, patterns, details and size. It is also possible to embroider your own logo (you can even upload a ready-made design).

New Era – caps personalisation 
Vans – shoes and backpacks design 

18. Vans – shoes and backpacks design 


Fans ot Vans shoes have the opportunity to design their shoes or backpacks online by selecting the colours and designs of the individual product components. You can also upload your own photo during the design of your backpack or some models of shoes.

19. Timberland – shoes personalisation


The Timberland brand gives customers a wide range of opportunities to personalise their shoes. They can choose from a variety of shoes for different seasons and occasions, and can modify models in many different ways. There is also the possibility to embroider, for example, initials.

Timberland – shoes personalisation
Nike by You – Nike shoes design 

20. Nike by You – Nike shoes design 


Nike by Me allows customers to design their shoes in detail - including the choice of sole colour, type and colour of the logo or even the individual number.  

21. Wolverine – full shoes personalisation


Wolverine produces, among other things, professional footwear for work (#wolverine4workers). Although the brand does not offer the possibility of personalizing the shoes, it gives the possibility of precise selection of shoes from among available models. The user answers questions about the environment in which he/she works (e.g. what is the degree of dirt at work, safety, security, etc.) and on this basis receives suggestions for shoes that should meet his/her expectations.

Wolverine – full shoes personalisation
Topology – individually tailored glasses measured and designed on mobile

22. Topology – individually tailored glasses measured and designed on mobile 


The Topology brand offers glasses tailored to the individual needs of each user. Not only does it allow you to select the frames (shape, colour and style), but it also allows you to precisely match the glasses by scanning through the iOS app.

The Topology application uses sensors on the phone to collect more than 2000 measurements to determine the optimum width and height of lenses or bridge adjustment. The "Trythemon" function provides a realistic preview of the glasses before receiving a prototype. Users can not only test designes in the application itself, but also contact consultants if further adjustments are required.

23. Revols – custom wireless headphones 


Revols is, according to the manufacturer, the first wireless headphones that can be quickly adapted to your ears. The fitting is done almost automatically. The user has to download the application and to follow the instructions and then insert the headphones into ears.

Gel tips should fit perfectly into the natural shape of the ears.



Revols – custom wireless headphones
Tylko app - perfect fitting furniture

24. Tylko app – perfect fitting furniture


Company Tylko own an app which allow customers to see furniture in which they are interested live in their place before they decide to buy it. Customer can edit size, height and style of specific furniture. Everyone can be sure that furniture will fit in his or her house. Tylko app is based on augmented reality technology.

25. Vermont Teddy Bear – teddy bears with personalised elements 


Vermont Teddy Bears is a brand specialized in selling plush mascots for various occasions. Customers can choose from a variety of sizes, colours and types of teddy bears. There is also a choice of accessories such as greeting cards, plush flower bouquets or flies. Some mascots are available in many colours and with the possibility to change, for example, the eye colour. 

Vermont Teddy Bear – teddy bears with personalised elements
Mission – custom bikes

26. Mission – custom bikes


Customers who are looking for the perfect bike can be satisfied with the Mission manufacturer's offer. It gives you the opportunity to create your own bicykle online, including the choice of colours of individual parts, the shape of the handlebar, the size of the frame and wheels, or the selection of the entire equipment. The customer can also view their design on various backgrounds.

27. Timbuk2 – customized bags 


Timbuk2 is a manufacturer of bags and backpacks, which gives customers the possibility to freely choose the colours of almost every element of the product.

Timbuk2 – customized bags 
Harley Davidson – motorcycle personalisation 

28. Harley Davidson – motorcycle personalisation 


The service is no longer available, but in 2017 Harley Davidson made it possible to "build your own" motorcycle, promoting the action with the slogan "It's time to build your own custom Harley Davidson online!"

Customers could choose the colour, style, equipment or functions of the vehicle. The project had to be printed and handed over to the HD dealer in the living room. 

29. Eobuwie - always proper shoe size


Eobuwie gives customers possibility to implement their scanned feet as shoe size in account profile. This can be done in two ways. First one is their dedicated app that scans feet in 2D model. Second one are stationary points at specific shops where customer can receive 3D model. Each scan (2D or 3D) allows customer to order perfect fitting shoes through internet.

 Eobuwie - Always proper shoe size
My Muesli – self-creation of muesli mix

30. My Muesli – self-creation of muesli mix


My Muesli allows its customers to compose their own muesli mixes. The users can choose the base of the mix and also fruits, nuts or sweet ingredients. They can also check the nutritional content and calorific value of the prepared composition. 

It's allowed can choose any amount of additives - the more ingredients, the higher the price.

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