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4 reasons to choose New Gravity

Problem solvers

Whatever we do - it's all about understanding the need and the problem behind. We provide solutions that gives the business real value for their customers or internal processes.

Concentrated on delivery deadline

Your go to market timing sets our scene of working. We push our team members for effectiveness and your needs to fit in the most optimal way. But we also push you to deliver needed information and acceptance as scheduled.

Ready to use products

With New Gravity you can quickly implement ready to use solutions. They cover wide range of tools - from managing the data integration to ready frontend for e-shops to shorten implementations process.

Part of Brand New Galaxy platform

For your growth we always try to provide you with additional services from BNG companies. It can give you a new perspective for your business plans, all covered by one lead team taking care of the project.

How we work on projects

Setting up the specific teams

Managing product rollouts

Extending internal IT teams

Managing up and down structures

Crafting end user and backend wireframes

Product roadmap definition and IT budget planning

Creating multimarket products

Searching for new tools, technologies and solutions

Working methods in our offices

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Cross project consultancy

constant comparison of the processes and solutions to go into the right direction

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Uninterrupted working time

we believe in deep work that result in quality and efficiency

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Code reviews

peer inspection provides instant feedback and motivates for better performance

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Separate QA team

dedicated team of quality specialists makes sure your application is bug free

desktop and mobile app

Coded features presentation

out team personally performs the demonstration after each sprint

No matter what is the project methodology at the end it’s about delivering results. That’s why we take our commitments seriously and if we make a plan we put it into practice. Always.

If any of that seems interesting for you let us know!

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