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Bridgestone's app case study

Bridgestone planned to enhance their retailers' customer experience. The company was looking for a solution to provide an easily accessible tool to improve their sales representatives' work efficiency.

Together with BNG MEA, the New Gravity took over the project and worked on creating an Android app. We aligned with the Bridgestone team on the needs, business goals and the scope of features to be implemented.

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Achieved business goals

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Enhance the sales' abilities with a smart mobile tool

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Connect various data sources into an easily accessible platform

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Improve product browsing by a user-friendly search tool

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Deliver optimal UX architecture for the several different information structures

New Gravity in the project


Evaluating the business goals and end-user needs


Proposing and aligning with the Bridgestone team on the planned scope of work


Agile project development in batches to make sure all app functionality is covered


Regular status meetings to verify the project progress and adjust to the changing priorities


Product analysis, planning and suggesting further app development based on the client needs

We have engaged BRAND NEW GALAXY to develop our ambitious BPRO proprietary mobile app. Working with the BNG team, we were quite impressed with how quickly they understood and scoped out a complex project. The approach towards phasing and project planning was particularly unique. The team has perfect understanding of data integration across all technological aspects.

Khalid Qureshi - Communications & Digital Marketing, Bridgestone

Benefits for the business

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UX friendly mobile Android app

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Up to date product details available anytime

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Access to the most recent data out of network reach

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Company-wide news and materials available in one place

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Custom app version to use in-store by customers

Solution-focused attitude

We aimed to help retailers improve the customer experience and minimize the need for a salesperson to remember every product detail, brochure, news and documentation about Bridgestone products.

Previous approach

documents on the shelf

Current solution

BPro app screenshot

We've created a tablet application to meet the business goals and improve the end-user experience.


The app's purpose is to enhance the user experience and provide easily accessible data from various sources in a structured way:


Dubai, Egypt, Saudi Arabia + 50 other countries from MEA region


Two languages - English and Arabic


Displaying tyre data in meaningful way from over 10 different sources


Offline mode to cover access in rural areas

Final product

The Bridgestone retailers already use the app. Below, we present one of the most used app sections.

BPro app screenshot

Product Finder

User-friendly product search tool to browse all available tyres. Each tyre has multiple categories and attributes. We've unified displaying different tyre types to be available from one place.

Product details

Each tyre has a set of various attributes. We've divided them into different sections to display them in a user-friendly and transparent way.

BPro app screenshot
BPro app screenshot

Product details

There are also tyres for heavy-duty vehicles. We adjusted views of such tyres to match the needs of retailers and display the most important details.

Google Play

The app is available on Google Play for all of the Bridgestone retailers in the MEA region. You can check it here.

BPro app screenshot

If any of that seems interesting for you let us know. We're happy to discuss your needs and create amazing projects together!

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